What is the HormoneSyncTM Program?

hormone sync program

This personalized, integrative program is designed to alleviate symptoms caused by hormone imbalance and optimize your overall health and vitality. The HormoneSync program analyzes your hormone levels and balances them with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and optimal nutrition.

Our expert medical doctors use diagnostic testing (blood, saliva, urine) to measure and
assess your hormone levels, as well as other important health indices and lifestyle factors.
Armed with this information, our physicians evaluate your clinical symptoms, identify any
hormone imbalances, and determine an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

Our medically supervised program includes the following key components:

A comprehensive medical examination and review of your medical history by our Physician

A review and explanation of your medical and laboratory results by our physician and by your Lifestyle Coach

A review of nutrition, fitness, and stress management practices designed to optimize your HormoneSync therapy program by your Lifestyle Coach.

Specific recommendations and a treatment plan based on your medical and lifestyle results to alleviate symptoms and optimize your overall health.

A client care coordinator dedicated to you by phone or email, on an as needed basis, to provide you with resources and to answer your questions

A personalized, ongoing monitoring program to ensure successful therapy:

Quarterly case consultations and an annual comprehensive review with our physician. We will re-evaluate your hormone levels and adjust your treatment plan when required.

Continual communication with your dedicated client care coordinator and, when needed, access to our physician. Communication and coordination with your family doctor will be ongoing.

HormoneSync Program: $1,600 annual fee

*Please note: Some components of the HormoneSync program are covered by OHIP. Medical laboratory tests and prescribed hormones are a separate cost from the program . These fees may vary and could be covered by a third party benefit plan.

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