What is the HormoneSync for WeightLoss Program?

hormonesync for weight loss

While poor diet and lack of exercise are key factors that can lead to weigh gain, certain underlying hormonal causes may also play a role.  In fact, science has uncovered several strong links between your hormones, hunger, cravings, body fat and weight loss. When unbalanced, your hormones can work against weight loss.

With age, imbalances of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormones can contribute to creeping body fat and difficulty shedding weight. Stress, poor sleep and eating the wrong foods can increase cortisol (a stress hormone) and insulin levels, making it easier to put on weight, especially around the abdomen. Imbalances in one or more of these hormones can drive hunger and cravings, decrease muscle, lower your metabolism and encourage your cells to store fat more readily.

The HormoneSync for WeightLoss Program is a medically-supervised program that assesses hormones that could be affecting your weight, and, if appropriate, balances hormone levels using customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Our program provides a customized meal plan that’s realistic for you, expert one-on-one diet coaching and the accountability of frequent follow up meetings.

What Should I Expect From the HormoneSync for WeightLoss program?

The HormoneSync for Weight Loss program includes the following key components:

A comprehensive medical examination and review of your medical history by our trained physician

Measurement of hormones tied to metabolism, body fat and weight loss as well as other important health indices

A review and explanation of your medical and laboratory results by our doctor and your dedicated patient care coordinator

An assessment of your diet and nutritional intake by our Registered Dietitian

A customized meal plan designed for you to achieve your weight loss goal

Specific medical recommendations and a treatment plan based on your medical and laboratory results to alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance and optimize your overall health

A patient care coordinator dedicated to you by phone or email, on an as needed basis, to provide you with resources and to answer your questions

A personalized, ongoing monitoring program to ensure successful weight loss and BHRT therapy:

Quarterly case consultations and an annual comprehensive review with our physician to reevaluate your hormone levels and adjust your treatment plan when required

Seven 15-minute follow-up visits with our Registered Dietitian to offer support, accountability and ongoing nutrition education. We measure your progress, discuss upcoming obstacles and set goals for the following week

Continual communication with your dedicated patient care coordinator and, when needed, access to our doctor, if applicable. Communication and coordination with your family doctor if applicable

**Please note that some components of the HormoneSync for Weight Loss program may be covered by third party benefits. Medical laboratory tests are a separate cost from the program and are subject to the fees set by the medical laboratory of choice. These fees may vary and may also be covered by a third party benefit plan.

Please Note: We are not taking on any new patients for our HormoneSyncTM program at this time.

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